Client: U.S. Department of Energy, National Renewable Energy Lab

These climatically customized sustainable school design guidelines have been developed for seven regions throughout the country. They focus on practical sustainable design features that should be considered by school architects and engineers and are written in a language common to both designers and school staff involved in school planning. Extensive checklists are provided that easily identify the top sustainable features that should be evaluated. The guidelines have been thoroughly reviewed by teams of experts, knowledgeable about the various components of sustainable school design, and now serve as one of the best resources for sustainable school design in the country. The format of the document is structured around the following categories of design consideration: Site Design Daylighting and Windows Energy-Efficient Building Shell Lighting and Electrical Systems Mechanical and Ventilation Systems Renewable Energy Systems Water Conservation Recycling Systems and Waste Management Transportation Resource-Efficient Building Products Checklist of Key Design Issues Case Studies.

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