For Daylight Dividends, administered by the Lighting Research Center / Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

A well-integrated daylighting design has a greater positive impact on a school than any other sustainable design strategy.
The Guide for Daylighting Schools was developed in 2004 by Innovative Design for the Daylight Dividends Program. The guideline is based upon practical experiences in designing and constructing over 40 daylit schools throughout the country.

The guide addresses the key design considerations typically confronted when designing K-12 schools from Orlando, Florida to Portland, Oregon. To achieve a successful daylighting strategy, school designers must:

• Consider human factors
• Consider the energy ramifications
• Account for site constraints and benefits
• Select well-integrated daylighting strategies
• Optimize the most appropriate daylighting strategies
• Accurately simulate daylighting performance
• Verify and modify your design process

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