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Unlike most architectural firms that have jumped on the "green" bandwagon within the recent few years, Innovative Design was formed in 1977 as a firm that would focus solely on producing energy-efficient, environmentally-sound designs. Our designs routinely incorporate daylighting, solar water heating, photovoltaics, solar cooling, wind, rainwater harvesting, constructed wetlands, environmentally-sound waste treatment strategies and numerous healthy building materials. Worldwide, Innovative Design is known for our expertise in daylighting, solar energy and rainwater harvesting.

In order to help advance good sustainable design, we have teamed with more than 59 architectural and engineering firms on over 92 green projects. Our consulting services extend to:
•Hosting design charrette and project goal setting sessions
•Energy analysis using eQuest, TRNSYS, Ecotect and other software
•Daylighting simulation using Daysim and recommend optimal daylighting design
•Design review throughout the design phase
•LEED documentation and certification
•Green product input/specifications
•Holistic water cycle design including rainwater reuse and grey/wastewater treatment
•Solar and renewable energy design
•LCA and carboon footprint analysis
•Construction shop drawing review for green products and systems
As more building owners become increasingly interested in green buildings but lack in-house experience in green building, we can serve as the owner's sustainable project consultant overseeing the integrated project delivery. We ensure the owner's sustainability goals are met by providing the services as described above for owner's best interest.
Innovative Design has extensive experience in solar thermal system design, with hundreds of projects incorporating solar water heating, space heating systems, and solar driven absorption cooling systems.
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