Tennessee Valley Authority
Location: Chattanooga, TN
Daylighting & Energy Analysis
Completion: TBD

The following summarizes the daylighting and energy-related tasks completed by
Innovative Design, in conjunction with Derthick, Henley & Wilkerson Architects, in analyzing TVA's Chattanooga Office Complex.

This first phase of work focused on Lookout Place and generally consisted of steps to:
a. Determine the current daylighting contribution through new monitoring and past evaluations,
b. Compare actual daylighting monitoring data to predicted Daysim computer simulations, and
c. Develop an eQUEST overall energy model of Lookout Place that compared favorably with the existing energy performance of the building,

Once we developed both daylighting and overall energy models that reliably simulated actual performance, we were then able to:
1. Evaluate numerous daylighting strategy options for perimeter spaces and atrium
2. Evaluate existing products and systems that would allow the various daylighting strategies to be implemented and develop construction cost estimates for the various options,
3. Simulate the daylighting contribution in conjunction with the overall energy performance to determine the best energy saving strategy, and
4. Investigate the impact that the workstation partitions have on the daylighting contribution.
The phase 2 expands to modeling entire TVA complex, and looking at recommendations on the HVAC, lighting, plug loads and daylighting.

To download a paper presented at SOLAR 2011 Conference, CLICK HERE.
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