Location: Woodfin, NC
353,500 SF New Construction (incl. retail, underground parking and residential)
Completion: TBD

Altura Town Center is a mixed used development in a planned sustainable resort community in western North Carolina. The project consists of three buildings located in 24,000 SF of the landscaped public plaza. The public plaza has a water stream and an amphitheatre as a focal point. The retail space is located on the plaza level and residential space occupied 3 levels above. There are total 103 residential units ranging from 620 SF studios to a 3626 SF penthouse with loft space.

The following is the sustainable features incorporated into the project:
•Geothermal heat pump systems for the retail space
•Solar-driven radiant floor heating and liquid desiccant cooling systems for residential units
•Harvested rainwater use for toilet flushing, landscape irrigation, and plaza water features as well as for fire protection.
•Photovoltaic panels as window shades to power public area like corridors and halls.
•150 Solar thermal panels to shade parking garage top floor and produce thermal energy for the radiant floor heating and liquid desiccant cooling system
•Solar orientation and passive heating for more than 50% of residential units.
•Use of locally harvested, recycled, renewable, natural, and no/low VOC building materials
•Use of wood products from sustainably managed forests.
•Use of native plants for landscaping
•Biological sewage treatment (Living Machine)
850 West Morgan Street, Raleigh, North Carolina 27603 I Tel. 919.832.6303 Fax. 919.832.3339
Altura Town Center