Location: Mecklenburg County, NC
141 Solar Thermal Collectors
Completion: 2011

The Mecklenburg County solar thermal installation involves 141 collectors over 5 county facilities. Innovative Design was responsible for sizing the storage and collection systems based on existing building conditions and user demand. By creating project documents that specified equipment size, roof installation areas, roof loading limits, coordination with existing equipment, and number of collectors, Mecklenburg County was able to quickly bid, construct, and benefit from the installation.

Innovative Design assessed six different locations for bidders to choose from, the final installations occurred at County Jail North, Metro School, Medical Examiner's Office, Central Piedmont Community College's Culinary Arts Building, and the Department of Social Services Wallace H. Kuralt Centre. As a result, the county will avoid using more than 1.5 million cubic feet of natural gas per year and be able to financially benefit from the Renewable Energy Credits.

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Mecklenburg County