Location: Salisbury, NC
Building-Integrated Photovoltaics
Completion: 1997
The Applebee's solar design substituted 32 amorphous PV modules for the restaurant's typical clay tile roof. The solar system provides electricity for peak electrical load and emergency lighting as well as thermal solar energy for hot water. Eight of the PV modules are connected directly to a DC fan that circulates air through a series of passages on the underside of all 32 modules. The clear glass between the cells, which accounts for nearly 7% of the total area of the modules, boosts the amount of heat the system produces. Behind the PV glass is a black-painted, highly absorbent metal pan system. A fan automatically turns on and increases in speed as the solar radiation level increases.

This innovative, building-integrated PV/Thermal system saves approximately $3,000 per year and has a payback of less than five years.

The development of Applebee's solar system was accomplished as a part of the United States Department of Energy's initiative called PV Bonus. The effort was spearheaded by
Innovative Design, Inc. and included the North Carolina Solar Center, Duke Energy, Central Carolina Bank, and Applebee's restaurants.

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Applebee's Solar Installation