Location: Gloucester, VA
17,280 SF New Construction
Completion: March 2015
Wayne Community College
Wake Tech Community College
NC State University
City of Raleigh
Mecklenburg County
Chattanooga Convention Center
Camp Durant Municipal Park
Clayton Town Hall
Raleigh Police Substation
Selma Police/Fire Station
Wake County Animal Shelter
Wake County Office Building
Campbell University
• Energy efficient building envelope;
• Daylighting in regularly occupied spaces;
• Geothermal heat pumps for cooling and heating the office area;
• Waste-oil reuse boiler for maintenance shop heating;
• Heat recovery ventilation;
• Efficient lighting with sensor and timer based controls;
• Low-flow water fixtures;
• Constructed wetland and bioswales;
• Submetering for building end uses;
• Green monitoring and interpretive signs; and
• Photovoltaics
Bay Transit built the Gloucester Transit Facility in an effort to improve operating efficiency, accommodate local and regional growth, and improve mobility for the residents of the region. Bay Transit wanted to build a cost-effective, enery-and-water-efficient building to function for over forty years. With a focus on long-term operational savings and stormwater management, the Owner has embraced a wide range of economically viable green strategies, including:
850 West Morgan Street, Raleigh, North Carolina 27603 I Tel. 919.832.6303 Fax. 919.832.3339
Bay Transit Gloucester
For more information on the Gloucester Transit Facility features: PROJECT PDF

Real-time green monitoring of the facility can be seen HERE