We use our progressive green projects as a resource for designers and building owners. We always verify and review new technologies before construction, to understand true energy, air quality, and cost impacts. We later follow up on all projects to review performance once the building is occupied. We are also able to analyze cost effectiveness of these measures, both as first and life-cycle costs.

As a result of this dedication, our buildings have been the subjects of many studies by universities and researchers.

Innovative Design's staff have also written articles promoting daylighting, providing cost-comparison data, and analyzing student performance.

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Case Study of Daylighting - Andrew H. Wilson Elementary School
Bae-Won Koh, 2009

A High Performance School Case Study - Northern Guilford Middle School
Bae-Won Koh & Mike Nicklas, 2007

A New Daylighting for a Middle School in North Carolina
Umesh Atre & Jon Zubizarreta, 2007

Comparison of Dayighting Strategies for Schools
Mike Nicklas & Umesh Atre, 2007

Energy Performance of Daylit Schools in North Carolina
Mike Nicklas & Gary Bailey, 1996

Analysis of the Performance of Students in Daylit Schools
Mike Nicklas & Gary Bailey, 1996
Optimizing A Classic Daylighting Design To Realize Energy Targets of the TVA's Chattanooga Office Complex
Umesh Atre, 2011

Evolution of Daylighting
Mike Nicklas, 2009

Comparison of Results - Daysim vs. Actual Measurements
Umesh Atre, 2009

Solar factory of the Future - Springer Carrier, Canoas, Brazil
Mike Nicklas & Jon Zubizarreta, 2001

Lack of short-wavelength light during the school day delays dim light melatonin onset (DLMO) in Middle School Students
RPI, LRC, Smith Middle School, 2010

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