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Energy Specialist
Location: Raleigh, NC

Position Summary:
Develop and draft schematic architectural designs for energy-related design components of overall building design according to specifications provided by architect. Analyze energy-related ramifications of designs to reduce energy costs and improve energy efficiency. Create architectural drawings using AutoCAD and perform energy efficiency simulations. Draw scale plans for buildings and structures and identify and recommend energy efficiency measures. Conduct Life Cycle Cost Analyses to evaluate use, costs, conservation measures, and energy consumption, and prepare energy reports with recommendations. Design schematics of integrated biomass power and concentrated solar power systems. Using simulation software (TRNSYS), perform energy modeling, measurement, verification, commissioning, or retro-commissioning analysis for renewable energy systems. Use software programs (e.g., RETScreen) to conduct preliminary estimates of solar system outputs and sizing, and prepare schematics for large-scale solar projects. Utilize software programs (Google SketchUp and Daysim) to perform day-lighting analysis on buildings to represent daylighting strategies and preparation of daylighting analysis reports. Perform carbon footprint analysis and assist in solar collector system design. Assist in conducting existing building audits for proposed energy retrofits. Represent the company to clients and at professional meetings. Write technical papers and present findings. Prepare cost estimates, contracts and technical reports under the architect's supervision.

- Bachelor's degree or foreign equivalent in Architecture, Building Science, Building Engineering or related
- 2 years of experience in any design, drafting, internship or architecture job in an architecture office.
- 2 years of experience in the integration of mechanical and electrical systems into architectural design
- 2 years of experience using RETScreen, Google SketchUp, and TRNSYS software and the creation of architectural drawings using AutoCAD
- Little travel required <5%.

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