The Raincatcher™ program was developed by Innovative Design in response to increased interest in the design of rainwater collection systems for school environments. Water is becoming more scarce, and water rates are increasing dramatically in municipalities across the country. School systems are realizing that rainwater collection systems have a dramatic impact on the way their students comprehend global, national and local climatic concerns and specifically, water issues. These systems give schools an opportunity to enhance their curriculum through the incorporation of rainwater collection systems.

Through the input of several building and school-use variables, the program evaluates rainwater supply versus non-potable water demand and provides a proper cistern size, and projections of monthly water savings, monthly water balance and preliminary cost estimate.

Although the concept of rainwater collection is simple to understand, the design of the system can be complex. This new computer tool calculates rainwater collection and non-potable distribution in school environments. It is a design tool that school designers can use to determine optimum cistern size and collection area and make early cost projections of the rainwater collection system. The program uses data from the National Climatic Data Center (NCDC) to provide local simulations for rainfall and accounts for several key variables including building roof area, cistern size and water consumption patterns by the school to create an optimal rainwater collection system for a particular school.

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