Innovative Design
and Solargenix's Building Division have created the "smart roof", for the 21st century, a sustainable building solution that provides building owners with more than a watertight enclosure, and much more than a solar energy system.

The roof-integrated approach of the Power Roof™ has many advantages; costs, materials, and time are reduced because components that are typically incorporated into solar systems serve multiple purposes.

The collector structure and the natural daylighting have all been combined into a simple innovated system- and integrating the solar system into the roof eliminates the need for additional land and improves the efficiency of the system. There are both tracking and fixed options available.

This approach also provides the opportunity to use the roof design for natural daylighting and to serve as a radiant barrier.
POWER ROOF™ Tracking System

The Power Roof™ tracking system is a high-temperature solar energy collector with a fixed reflector and a receiver that tracks the sun during the day. It incorporates a natural daylighting system, a radiant barrier, an insulating system, an optional means to capture passive solar heat in the winter, an infiltration barrier, the building roof structure, and a guaranteed waterproof roofing system all in one. Because so many functions are served by one assembly, construction costs are much lower than multiple products built separately.

Because of the system's enhanced solar energy concentrating power, it can reach temperatures up to 750 degrees F. This energy can be used for industrial process heat, absorption cooling, desalination and water purification, as well as for secondary space heating and domestic hot water. Where needed, it can also be converted to electricity for individual facility requirements or sold to utility companies during times of peak electrical demand.

POWER ROOF™ Fixed Array

This system uses a roof-integrated collector that employs non-imaging optics to produce the most efficient solar collector tube in the world. Arrays of these collectors are connected together to capture enough energy to power double-effect absorption cooling equipment for commercial and industrial buildings – the only fixed solar system in the world to have this high-temperature capability. While cooling is the optimal use of this system, it also produces space heating in the winter, heats domestic water, and can produce electricity for office or small industrial buildings. When implemented into a typical sawtooth roof, the system also allows for daylighting.

This fixed array system can produce solar-heated fluids up to 350 degrees F, and is capable of reliably converting the thermal energy to electricity, absorption cooling and industrial process steam. Additionally, by capturing the waste heat from these processes, the overall system's efficiency can be greatly magnified by also fulfilling desalination, space heating, and hot water needs.
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Power Roof™